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7 September 2011

Rich harvest :-/

Mark installed a letter box a fortnight ago and we have already had our first batch of junk mail delivered.

It is a lot less than what we received in Brisbane before we put a no junk mail on our letterbox. I guess the next “big” event will be when we get the first piece of legitimate mail delivered.



8 July 2011

Progress on balustrading


Mark has been working on the balustrade again today, adding the uprights to about half the balustrade so far. It’s looking more and more finished.
On the picture below you can see before on the right and after on the left.

26 June 2011


While Mark kept working on the ceilings, I set to work on the fire wall that will surround my wood stove. Mark is working on the bathroom ceiling so no tiling until he’s finished. Blocks I am using are timbercrete blocks leftover from building. These blocks are made from waste cypress pine sawdust, sand and cement. Great product but the guys selling it leave a lot to be desired (subject for another post). These blocks are fireproof. There will be a stainless bench near the wall and a slate floor underneath. Rosalba


11 June 2011

Wooden ceiling in our bedroom

Mark has been working on the wooden ceiling in our bedroom. Even with some interruptions got it half done. Mark’s shoulder is a bit sore now from hammering all these nails in up side down.


13 May 2011

Finishing the wooden floor

We are back working on the house this weekend and have discovered a faster and easier method to lay down the recycled wooden floor board. In particular we have found a great method to push the boards hard against each other to leave as small a gap as possible, We are so excited about this and how it is speeding up the installation of the hardwood floorboards that we have decided to make the short vidoe below.


1 May 2011

Lead Lights

They are finally done. Rosalba has worked very hard on these magnificent lead lights. Today Mark got to install them all. Thanks to Graeme Lee for being a great and patient instructor. Couldn’t have done it without him and his workshop.

30 April 2011

Halfway mark

We have today worked on the wooden floor in Rosalba’s sewing room again and have reached the halfway mark.
Unfortunately we ran out of daylight.


3 April 2011

First floor boards


This weekend we have started putting the floor boards down in the Rosalba’s sewing room. The recycled hard wood floor boards are incredibly hard and no matter how I tried most nails bent had to be pulled out again. So we have decided to investigate nail guns to fix the floors. Any recommendations?

6 March 2011

Finished look using our home made paint



6 March 2011

Saving Money on Heating and Cooling

Installing insulation in your home can dramatically reduce the need for heating and cooling and therefore save you quite a lot of money. For instance the room in the picture has been so well insulated that no heating or cooling will be necessary. 🙂


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